History Model Making Homework

[03 Jul 2017]

Year 7 and 8 students were given the homework task to create a 3D model on anything they have studied in their history lessons during this academic year. Firstly, pupils needed to make up their mind on what model they were going to make. Pupils had to look through books or use the internet and get a photograph of the historical artefact  to support the construction of their model and to use as evidence. They then drew a plan on how they would construct their model. Most importantly pupils had to think about the stages they were going to construct their model in. They had to think about what materials they will use; how to put it together; what colour should it be and how were they going to construct it.

The models the pupils made were simply fantastic and it was clear that they had spent a lot of time and effort in making their models. Some of the outstanding models that pupils made were:

  • India – WW1 Trench
  • Elliot – WW1 Rifle
  • Kennedy- Jewish Possession Bag Sent to Germany
  • Garbiela- Nazi, Jewish and Polish Identification Armbands
  • Ben- Battle of Britain RAF and Luftwaffe Planes
  • Lara –  WW2 Concentration Camp
  • Jess- Tudor House
  • Spencer- Anglo Saxon Shield
  • Liam, Muhammad and Aleks- Medieval Swords
  • Harry- Medieval Helmet
  • Kara- Motte and Bailey Castle
  • Alex- Medieval Castle

Congratulations to India and Elliot in particular, for their outstanding homework effort; they won a History Encyclopaedia worth £30!