Hull City AFC – Player Interview Report

[12 Dec 2016]

The night before a bottom of the table clash eleven Young Reporters made their way to the training ground of Hull City AFC. Questions were prepped and nerves were kicking in, but the reporters were ready to question Curtis Davies and club captain Michael Dawson.

As the players entered, the room fell silent, even Mrs Anderson was lost for words! Dawson and Davies took their seats and the Young Reporters broke the silence…

If you could be any animal what would it be and why?

Davies: I would be a bird of prey to experience the feeling of flying, something like an eagle because if I was a smaller bird of prey I would be as risk of being eaten. However, if I was an Eagle I could be the predator.

Dawson: I would be my dog Ralph as he gets more cuddles off my wife than I do.

If you were chosen to play for England and Hull on the same day, which one would you choose and why?

Davies: England, without a doubt! I have never played for my country so it would be an honour.

Dawson: I agree with Curtis. It has to be England every time. I have had the honour of gaining four England caps and there is no greater feeling than playing for your country.

What job did you do before you were a footballer?

Dawson: I was a milkman before I signed for Nottingham Forest.

Davies: Before I became a professional footballer I used to stack shelves at Sainsbury’s.

Who is the biggest joker in the team?

Davies: I know who I am going to say but let’s see if Daws says the same…

Dawson: I would have to say either Snodgrass or Robertson, they are always playing jokes on the rest of the team.

Davies: Yes, I would have to agree!

Did your family push you into becoming a footballer?

Dawson: My family were not pushy but encouraged me to try hard and follow my dreams. In life you get knockbacks but they were always there to support me and help get back up from those knockbacks.

Davies: I agree with Dawson. My family were really supportive in my early football career and I think it is important to make sure that you are doing something that you love and not what other people want you to love.

What has been your favourite game in a Hull City shirt and why?

Davies: For me it has to be the FA Cup final game. To not only play but to captain a team and score in a FA Cup final was a dream. The FA Cup is still one of the most exciting things to be a part of, so for me that has to be my favourite match I have played in a Hull City shirt.

Dawson: I would have to say the Championship play-off final. Obviously we had been relegated the season before which was hard to deal with but having the chance to get back to the Premier League, were I think Hull deserve to, was amazing! The atmosphere around the city when we won promotion was fantastic. It means a lot to the club, the players, the city and of course the fans.

What inspired you to become a footballer?

Dawson: Growing up with brothers I had always played football with them in the garden and at the park. So from the age of about six I wanted to be a footballer. I think the thing that inspired me the most to become a footballer was watching it on TV and realising that could be me one day.

If you could choose any position to play in what would it be and why?

Dawson: Definitely a striker! I was a striker until the age of thirteen but then for various reasons got moved around and eventually played in defence. The thing with strikers is you could play rubbish for ninety minutes but if you score the winning goal in the ninety-first minute you suddenly become a hero. As a defender, you could play really well for ninety minutes but if you let a goal in during the ninety-first minute then you become the villain.

Davies: Yeah, I have to agree! I was always a striker but then due to various reasons I got placed in defence and never really got put back as striker. It can be hard being a defender as Michael said, because if a team loses you automatically get the negative shouts from fans because your job is to defend the goal.

What has been the best gift you have ever been given?

Dawson: My children without a doubt.

Davies: Yeah I have to agree; the gift of a child is priceless.

Do you play any other sports and if so what?

Dawson: I love all sports but I am really into Cricket. When I was younger I used to play for North Yorkshire and I still love going to watch cricket in my spare time.

What is the best advice you have ever being given?

Dawson: If someone tells you that you cannot do it, make sure that you show them that you can.

Davies: If you think you are doing really well, try harder.

If you weren’t a footballer what would you be and why?

Dawson: I would do something to do with sport, possibly a coach because I just love all sports and it gives people so many skills and so much confidence.

Davies: I would love to be a Formula 1 driver just to experience the thrill of driving that fast.

What has happened at Hull City since the start of the season and do you think you can survive relegation?

Dawson: I think Hull have been very unlucky with regards to the amount of injuries we have had and also the quiet transfer window. We started the season with thirteen fit first team players so that would be difficult for any team. I personally do think that we have what it takes to avoid relegation, I know it may not look that way at the moment, but Hull have got a great squad we just have to keep trying to win each and every match.

Davies: The Premier League is tough and to avoid relegation is even tougher. Hull have had a rocky few months with some massive defeats but I do honestly think that with a bit of luck and the constant hard work that Hull with avoid relegation.

What has been your favourite goal of your career and why?

Dawson: Any goal is important, especially if it makes a difference to the team. Some of the goals I have scored for Hull have been massive. The one against Liverpool gained us three points and the others have gained us a point. However, I think my favourite goal in my career has to be my first goal for Tottenham against Chelsea. It was a great feeling and we eventually went on to win the game.

Davies: My favourite goal has to be the one I scored in the FA Cup final against Arsenal. It was an amazing feeling to score in a final, at Wembley, against a team like Arsenal.

This was a fantastic experience by both the staff and students. We were incredibly lucky and privileged to take part in this and we even got a surprise visit from another Hull City player Elmohamady. The players signed autographs and posed for pictures. On the way back to school they were so happy that they had been given the chance to interview actual footballers…

Michael, Curtis and Elmo were all fabulous with the students and their responses were honest and sincere. A huge thanks to Mel, Pam and Lisa from Run with It from everyone at Sirius North, a truly inspirational day!