Humanities Celebration Breakfast!

[15 Jul 2016]

This morning more than 20 of our Year 7 Geography and History students joined Mr Carvill, the Head of Humanities, Mr Pilkington, Coordinator of Geography and Ms Blanchard, Lead Practitioner of Humanities, for a celebration breakfast (of bacon, egg and sausage sandwiches!) for their Humanities Intervention participation.

Over the last term, pupils have attended one session per week during team time to ‘top-up’ their skills in Geography and History. Geographers produced (and recorded) excellent BBC News Broadcasts about an eruption of Mt St Helens.

Today they have all received certificates and some prizes (Times Atlases) for attending our intervention programme which has involved engaging in various activities to build up information gathering, presentation and writing skills. A big well done to all concerned and in particular our prize winners-

Trey Brown

Chelsea Smith

Kieran Jackson

Jacob Earles

Shane Bunn

Charley Drury

Geography Club Starts September 2016 every Wednesday Lunch!!