Jack Foster’s write up – Conflict mineral free project

[27 May 2015]

When we first started the project to make Hull a conflict-mineral free city,we went to Sirius academy to watch presentation while a few Sirius students join us. We learnt that the main conflict minerals-Tin, Tungsten,Tantalum and gold(3tg)-were used in lots of the electronic devices that we use on a daily basis. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, leaders of the mine force people to mine these minerals with nothing in return. These mines are guarded by child soldier who are taught falsely that bullets will drop of them. After the presentation we were given the task of creating posters for the conflict mineral project.

Later on we went to Guild Hall to listen to another presentation about Conflict minerals. Then the Lord Mayor of Hull cam end looked at our posters. Finally we gave the petition to her while our picture was taken.