KS3 Basketball Report

[30 Apr 2024]




KS3 Basketball Game Report

SAN Team A, Team B VS St Mary’s

Final Score:

  • Team A: 16 – 2 St Mary’s
  • Team B: 4 – 14 St Mary’s

Dominant Performance by SAN Team A

Team A delivered a commanding performance on the court, securing a decisive victory over St Mary’s by a score of 16-4. They established control early in the game and maintained a significant lead throughout. Whilst St Mary’s displayed moments of resilience, they were unable to bridge the gap created by SAN. A dominant performance from Dyako S on both sides of the court ensured that SAN took the emphatic win 16- 2.

MVP – Dyako S


Team B struggled to handle a dominant offense

For the majority of the team it was their first ever time lacing up the sneakers and stepping onto the basketball court. With two weeks of training under their belt, SAN were keen to impress from the tip off. However, the stifling defence of St Mary’s made it tough for SAN to make any headway as they took an early 6-point lead. The KS4 coaching staff (Rob, Great and Triumph) took an early time out, addressing the defence and spacing on offense – this had an immediate impact as Mason W who sprung a fast break, scored a right-handed scooped layup. The game continued in this pattern and ended 14- 4 to the away side. Mr Hayes was impressed with the teams conduct and attitude throughout the game.

MVP – Mason W


Thank you to Robert, Triumph and Great for their support on the side-lines. A huge well done to all the players that participated in the fixtures and an extended thank you to St Mary’s for the excellent competition.