KS3 Bishop Burton College Visit

[26 May 2016]

Last week, three staff travelled over to Bishop Burton College with 28 eager Yr 7/ 8 students. The students were representing the ICT and PE department and were selected on displaying high abilities in the two subjects.
The trip was designed to show how  ICT is used in sport. The students had the opportunity to observe a presentation from the coaching staff of the Hull City Academy. Students had the opportunity to Q&A the coaches about how they use technology and the benefits of using technology.
During the trip Rafiq volunteered to take part in an activity to display the use of technology. The sports science/ conditioner took several measurements from Rafiq and inputted the information into a spreadsheet. The coach predicted that Rafiq has completed around 84% of his growth maturation, he will have his growth spurt in 2 years and he will be roughly 176cm in height.