Literacy and Numeracy – Parental drop in session

[16 May 2016]

At Sirius Academy North, literacy and numeracy are both very high priorities and we spend a lot of time thinking about the best ways to raise achievement in these crucial areas.

On Wednesday the fourth of May, after lessons were over, a select group of people – parents, guardians, grandmas, aunties, uncles, brothers and sisters – were invited to the Hellerop area for a chance to work in partnership with the Literacy and Numeracy teams.

Our guests were warmly welcomed over tea and biscuits before Mr. Middleton gave a presentation about how literacy wasn’t all about reading Charles Dickens, knowing about apostrophes or knowing what dangling modifiers are.  

Having been lulled into a warm feeling of togetherness and comfort, the visitors were entirely unprepared for the sight of Ms. Harrison’s grim determination whilst dressed head to foot in black, replete with a ninja headband.

The next twenty minutes whirled by in a blur of karate chops, kung fu kicks and cut-glass vowels as Ms. Harrison showed no mercy to students and visitors alike.  Everyone kept at least one eye on a series of mathematical mysteries as Sirius Academy North’s own numeracy ninja took no prisoners.  

Everyone had the chance to speak to staff in order to consider specific questions relating to these issues before leaving with goodie bags containing numeracy and literacy tasks to complete at home, a pamphlet about assisting with literacy at home, reading records and, possibly of most interest to most attendees, gingerbread men.

The event was a fantastic success, with valuable contacts made on all sides and a promise to repeat the event very soon and to open attendance up to even more students and family members who are keen to help.