Malet Prevail in Year 8 School Softball Tournament

[12 Jun 2015]

The Year 8 softball games took place on Thursday evening with teams from Malet Lambert, Thomas Ferens and Kingswood Academy taking part. All three teams were enthusiastic about the games and all pupils were a credit to their teachers and their schools.

This is a culmination of the schools coaching that Hull Scorpions have been delivering since september into over 30 primary schools and 7 secondary schools across Hull and East Yorkshire.

Game 1 – Malet Lambert vs Thomas Ferens 11-7
In game one between Malet Lambert and Thomas Ferens, Malet’s superior fielding kept Ferens scoreless over three innings whilst they added two in the first inning and 4 more in the third.
Ferens finally pulled a run back in the 4th only for Malet to rack up 5 runs in their half of the inning to take a 11-1 lead.
However Ferens staged a valiant fightback scoring 6 runs in the top of the fifth to give Malet a scare but eventually the third out was made to give Malet an 11-7 win.

Kingswood Academy vs Thomas Ferens 12-1
In game 2,  Kingswood opened the scoring immediately against Ferens scoring 9 runs over two innings with only 1 in reply.
In the third they added another 3 and fielded well. Thomas Ferens played the game well and tried their best to contest the prowess of Kingswood but it was to no avail. Kingswood took the game 12-1.

Malet Lambert vs Kingwood Academy 7-4
The final between Malet Lambert and Kingswood Academy started evenly, with both sides scoring two runs apiece in the first. However the Kingswood fielders switched off and allowed 5 runs in the 2nd inning. Following this Malet shut Kingswood out when they came to bat. Both sides were intense and their was an air of the will to win shown by both sides as they approached the final inning.
Leading 7-2 going into the final inning Malet failed to score and Kingswood needed 6 to win. They managed to pull two runs back, however Kingswood ran out of steam and Malet’s fielding once again helped them secure the final out and claim victory.

Malet Lambert prevailed, but in 3 games of softball, skill was shown by all teams involved. Thomas Ferens showed great determination and stortsmanship despite 2 defeats, Kingswood Academy came close but at the end of the tournament the children shook hands and demonstrated the definition of sportsmanship as the day came to a close.

Scorpions chairman Kevin Macadam added “The pupils all did themselves proud today and it is great to see schools and pupils getting enthused by the baseball and softball being conducted in Hull schools right now.”