Netherlands 2017

[23 May 2017]

On Thursday 18th May, 36 Key Stage 3 (from Y7, 8 and 9) Geography students and 4 members of staff embarked on an exciting Geographical adventure to Burgers Zoo, Arnhem  in the Netherlands where they were to visit different Ecological Biomes of the world, including Savannah, Rainforest, Desert and Marine.

We left the academy at 6pm and Neil our driver took us to the ferry terminal where our journey began. After our bellies were full with a lovely meal in the buffet restaurant, students were taken onto the deck to see the ship leave the port, watching as we sailed the Humber estuary.  Pupils then got free time and some pupils took advantage of the shopping opportunities on the ship and others danced the night away in the Sunset Show lounge.

The next morning, we were up early and in the buffet restaurant again stocking up on Full English to last us through the day! We arrived at the zoo after an entertaining journey where Neil our driver told us lots of interesting information about Europort at Rotterdam and the wind turbines and old fashioned windmills that dominate the Dutch landscape.

At the zoo, pupils went around the many ecological biomes of the world with teachers taking pictures of animals for Miss Blanchard’s photo competition and completing the zoo question booklet (for prizes!).

Pupils returned to the Zoo restaurant for lunch and devoured the Dutch speciality if Mayo and Frites!! After stocking up, off they went again to see the rest of the zoo and to take more pictures.

The day ended at 4pm and pupils reluctantly returned the coach to head back to Rotterdam for our return journey. Another fantastic evening of food, video games and shopping ensued and 36 tired pupils were tucked up in bed by 10pm.

The award ceremony on the return coach journey attracted many giggles as awards such as ‘Best Early Riser’, ‘Most Ditsy’, ‘Most Caring’, ‘Cheeky Chappy’, and ‘Best Map Reading / Directions’  were given out. No-one missed out on a prize as everyone had made such an amazing contribution to the trip and a great time was had by all.