Outdoor sports boots!

[30 Jan 2023]

Extracurricular activities are when students take part in activities pursued in addition to the normal course of study. Some of these include: football; rugby; basketball and athletics. However, in order to take part in said activities, students need boots especially for sports that are played on the grass. Now due to the current economic crisis, certain students will not be able to afford them. Meaning that they will not be able to take part, therefore it is not fair on them.

Sirius Academy North has had this issue and they are trying to make it so that all students can take part in these activities and in the fixtures. They have reached out on most of the social media platforms in order to gain support from others. And, they have had a huge success as not only have the local community helped out The Tiger Trust has kindly given them a hand.

The Tiger Trust is a charity which aims to make a difference to people’s lives through sport. It is ‘an independent charity linked with Hull City Football Club and supported by the Premier League and the English Football League Trust.’  They help up-skilled participants through practical activity as well as running courses, events and promote their work in schools across East Yorkshire. Now, they have seen the problem and they have generously donated boots to the school.

This is a massive help from this great charity and with their support, the school has now gained over 40 pairs of boots. This now means that students can now take part in the activities that they enjoy, without having to worry about buying something that, these days, is very expensive.