Primary Maths and English G&T Challenge

[09 Oct 2017]

Sirius Academy North hosted the annual Maths and English G&T Challenge for children in Y6 this week. There was an excellent response from local Primary Schools with eight different schools in attendance enabling over 100 pupils the opportunity to develop numeracy and literacy skills. This week’s session is part of a series of similar events that aspires to prepare pupils for their forthcoming SATS.

Mr Currie hosted the morning Maths challenges and the following pupils did enough to warrant their own scientific calculator; Riley C (The Green Way), Adam M (St. Anthony’s), Maliik B (Stepney), Zac K (Thorpepark), Jared (Endike), Levi N (Clifton), Grace W (Parkstone) and Hiwa (Collingwood).  

The afternoon saw Mrs Anderson and Mr Hostead lead reading and writing tasks that sought to develop inference and use of literacy devices within descriptive writing. Winners walked away with chocolate and their own book! Charlie M and Kaylem R (The Green Way), Adam M (St. Anthony’s), Cara B and Maryam Y (Stepney), Jodie F and Olivia R (Thorpepark), Jaheim W and Ella S-B (Endike), Monica F and Grace M (Clifton), James C and Daisy J (Parkstone), and Aidan C and Kristiana B (Collingwood).

Congratulations to all those in attendance. Their attitude, behaviour and enthusiasm throughout was outstanding!

All those that attended are encouraged to visit the Sirius North website and find the transition portal. This will then provide them access to additional resources to improve numeracy and literacy.