Provider/Employer Area

Sirius Academy North believes that encounters with employers/employees and providers is a beneficial role in our learners school life (Benchmark 5). Having authentic insight and tangible role models paves the way for learners to broaden their horizons and expand their potential.

We have sustained brilliant networks with local and national providers/companies who have given their time and resources to our learners, experiences that inspired and strengthened interests, motivations and achievement.

We welcome employers/employees and providers, who wish to engage and support our learners through multiple types of activities an engagement methods. We offer a plethora of opportunities, some which include:

  • Working Lunches
  • Workshop Days
  • Holding an assembly about your job role/business/industry
  • Providing information about your job role/business/industry
  • Taster Days
  • Accommodating a visit to your place of work
  • Masterclasses
  • Parents Evening
  • Curriculum Activities
  • Interviews

If you wish to engage with our school community and support our learners knowledge and understanding of education and employment, please do not hesitate to contact Kirsty Norman on (01482) 349600.

Please see the Provider Access Policy for further details.