Running Club goes on tour (to Beverley Westwood anyway)!

[19 May 2016]

A group of intrepid running explorers made their way out to the wilds of Beverley Westwood on Tuesday 17th May. For some of the keen athletic beans this was their first running club training session, with Hollie Stephenson impressing with her endurance, and Jordan Sejdini with his enthusiasm. After a quick warm up, in which Aaron Edge led the charge through the woods, we did a few drills and skills in the buttercups. Matthew Lockett and Ben Johnson showed off their side-stepping and karaoke prowess, before we split into groups and headed off for a jog. Max Rogers and Brandon Smith flexed their muscles and led the speedy group up and down hills, before we all met up for some final relays. Sapphire Branton and Lydia Wright did an awesome job in the race, with particularly impressive dance moves. Cordelia Edgar managed to show off her flexibility by doing the splits at the end of the race – she clearly wasn’t tired from all that running!
Sinead Watson made particular friends with ‘Fat Betty’, one of the Westwood’s resident cows, and we all narrowly avoided cowpats…
Well done to all involved: Mrs Blanchard, Miss Watson and Ms Harrison were extremely impressed by the excellent behaviour and effort from everyone

KS4 runners
Max Rogers
Aaron Edge
Cordelia Edgar
Brandon Smith
KS3 runners
Jordan Sejdini
Sinead Watson
Matthew Lockett
Ben Johnson
Hollie Stephenson
Anya Lambert
Sapphire Branton
Lydia Wright
Reporter – Miss Harrison