SAN Costello Success!

[10 Jul 2024]

Athletics Championships

Last Wednesday, Sirius North competed in the Hull Active Schools Secondary Athletics Competition at Costello Stadium, where our students showcased their exceptional talent, dedication, and sportsmanship in various track and field events. The PE department commends the students not only for their impressive athletic performances but also for their outstanding behaviour, enthusiastic support for each other, and unwavering effort in every event. Our students represented the academy embodying the values that we hold.
We are proud to share that our students brought home a remarkable total of 22 medals. Here are the standout performances:
Field Events
Sienna B (Y7): Shot put, 3rd Place
Deborah E (Y7): Discus, 2nd Place
Charlie R (Y8): Long Jump, 2nd Place
Ashton R (Y8): Shot Put, 2nd Place
Jenson B (Y8): Javelin, 2nd Place
Amira D (Y9): Triple Jump, 2nd Place
Angel O (Y9): Shot Put, 3rd Place
Chloe G (Y9): Javelin, 1st Place
Qadar M (Y9): Javelin, 2nd Place
Dyako S (Y9): Shot Put, 2nd Place
John O (Y9): Long Jump, 3rd Place
Robert M (Y10): Shot Put, 2nd Place
Martins O (Y10): Long Jump, 2nd Place
Track Events
Jack M (Y7): 200m, 1st Place
Charlie R (Y8): 200m 2nd Place
Jenson B (Y8): 100m 3rd place
Toby H (Y8): 800m, 2nd Place
John O (Y9): 200m, 3rd Place
Harvey Z (Y10): 800m, 2nd Place
We also want to highlight three exceptional performances:
Victoria M (Y9), who competed in the Year 9/10 combined discus, achieving 1st place.
Martins O (Y10), whose 1st place finish in the 100m sprint nearly reached English School standards.
Jack W (Y10), whose perseverance and dedication over four years culminated in a well-deserved 1st place finish in the 1500m.
The PE department is incredibly impressed and proud of all the students involved. Please congratulate them on their outstanding achievements and for exemplifying the academy’s values.