SAN Transition – Technology Day

[25 Nov 2017]

This week the Academy hosted a Technology Day for local Primary Schools. Pupils from Endike Academy, The Green Way Academy and St. Anthony’s Primary Schools had the opportunity to participate in themed sessions in Resistant Materials, Textiles and Food.

The pupils explored the concept of movement throughout the day and investigated physical, biological and chemical reactions in Food, designed paper aeroplanes in Resistant Materials and developed parachutes in Textiles. In the finale pupils then had the chance to test their creations in the attempt to win prizes! Congratulations to Isaac, Alex, Faith, Sara, Tallulah, Xander, Charlie, Tyla, Billy and Brandon for creating the best designs to fly their planes the furthest and keep their egg intact on the parachute drop!

Massive thanks to all the Primary Schools for their attendance and to Miss Dodsworth, Miss Branch-Evans and Mr McNiff for their expertise! Primary Schools have the opportunity to attend similar events in the next few months based on Sport, Physical Education and Creative and Performing Arts.

Well done to all those that attended! Mr Gordon and Miss Peacock.