Sirius Acacemy Year 8 RL Girls lose out to the National Champions

[18 Nov 2015]

The Year 8 girls put up a great fight against Castleford Academy, who are the reigning the National Champions in a very physical game. The  match consisted of 3 x 20 minute games and the improvements of the Sirius Academy team was evident as the match progressed.
Castleford capitilised on a couple of mistakes near the Sirius tryline and went over for some early tries. But Sirius got more into the game and was matching the big, strong Castleford girls in the middle of the park, with Holly Spenceley leading the way with some big hits. Charlie Stephenson and Kelsey Uscroft were willing runners forward were making good yards, with Terri Leigh Hutton and Macey Boyle trying to find gaps out wide. But the Castleford team were very organised and moved up together well, making it difficult for Sirius to break through with ease, like they have done in the past against Hull based sides.
Castleford didnt have it all their own way as the defence of the Sirius team were matching them and making it difficult for them to make any clean breaks, but then the Castleford team then started to find space out wide with their fast players as Sirius started to dominate the middle. Castleford went over for a few more tries in the corner. They continued to attack the flanks, but then Sirius got wise to this and the cover defence of Kelsey Uscroft came across well and bundled them into touch on several occasions.  Jordan Roberts and Leoni Parry was coming more into their game as their attack and defence looked strong.
In the later stages of the game Sirius managed to break through tackles, with Holly Spenceley causing Castleford all sorts of problems as they struggled to get her down. Then after a quick play the ball Kelsey Uscroft spotted a gap and outpaced the defence to race over for the last try of the game.
Even though the Castleford side won the game comfortably, Sirius learnt a lot from the game and now know what they need to work on to improve and compete with the National Champions. However, the most pleasing aspect of the game was that we matched them for strength and toughness. The organisation and quickness of the play the ball was a key factor in the Castleford side, but as all of their players play for a local club each week, that was to be expected. But Sirius can hold their heads up high, continue to work hard on what they need to improve on and go again at the Wakefield/Castleford Tournament in January.
Please congratulate the squad on their determination, never give up attitude and outstanding behaviour.
Macey Boyle
Leona Adamson
Maddie Ward
Jasmine Richards
Chelsie Opie
Terri-Leigh Hutton
Charlie Stephenson
Kelsey Uscroft (Captain)
Mckenzie Borrill             
Jasmine Tidswell
Leoni Parry
Jordan Roberts
Holly Spenceley