Sirius Academy North vs Kelvin Hall

[28 Nov 2023]

Sirius Academy North vs Kelvin Hall

Words by our budding journalist Jack.

Today saw Sirius North (SAN) take on Kelvin Hall in their own backyard and I had the privilege of attending; I was treated to a cracking match. Before I begin, I would like to say thank you to both Mr Hayes and Coach Kelsey, who did a brilliant job refereeing the matches, whilst simultaneously coaching their teams. Also, thanks to the staff who helped make the game possible.

This consisted of two teams from each school playing two games, with two halves, to ensure every player was getting some game time. The first match was between the school’s first team–with two 15 minute halves–and the second consisted of those who did not partake in the first game, with two seven minute periods.

 First Match

The first period started with both teams trying to gel and settle into the game. It was SAN who got their first points on the board, which gave them a boost of confidence and put them in control. Kelvin seemed happy to soak up the pressure and be on the back foot; they were fantastic at this and they prevented SAN from shooting a lot more at the basket. Subsequently, at the other side of the court, SAN were robust in defence and were not letting the visitors get a clean shot off. Great and Robert were the star players for SAN; they had brilliant communication and were fantastic in-front of the basket. As hard as Kelvin tried to break-through, SAN were just that little bit better at offence and they went into half-time leading 13-4.

The second period saw great resilience, determination and commitment from Kelvin and despite them trailing, they did not go down without a fight. A free throw, in which Amos scored one, and an excellent two pointer put them right back in it; however, SAN were not going to let their advantage be crushed and went up a gear. They rebounded with a few lay-ups and then fatigue overpowered the players, resulting in a very scrappy game towards the latter stages. One more two pointer sealed the victory for the home side, with just under a minute left to go. Kelvin did everything they could to reduce the deficit, but it wasn’t to be. SAN won the game 22-7.

 Second Match

I have to say, Kelvin put their foot on the gas during this match, playing much better; I think it startled SAN a little. The home side were not able to get organised and due to this, Kelvin were able to take their time and have free space to utilise in. They took an early lead; however, SAN responded well and began to get out of their own half. Harmain showed quality on the left; getting his team forward and making them communicate with each other. Unfortunately, the basket was against them today and any shot they took hit the rim or hit the backboard and rebounded off into the oppositions hands, who were very quick to break (this is how they got their points during the half). With an organised side and a cursed basket, Kelvin came out of the half with a 0-8 advantage.

The second half mirrored that of the first, save for SAN showing a wee bit more quality and having their players distributed finer. Kelvin had the same game plan and they got the first points on the board, putting them in a 0-10 lead. SAN were getting out of their half more, but they were a little bit slow in translation and Kelvin was fantastic at intercepting the ball and counter-attacking. This time, though, SAN were getting everybody back to defend the basket and for a period of the match, Kelvin struggled to get the ball in the hoop. Thankfully it was not a white wash for the home side and they were able to chalk up a point from a free throw. Alas, due to working hard at protecting the basket and attempting to get some points on the board, tiredness was their nemesis and Kelvin put the icing on the cake with some excellent build up play and an exquisite finish from the three point line. The men in green took the second game, winning 1-13. SAN just could not get out of the woods.

Both schools triumphed today and they were both quite equal in all aspects, especially in defence. They certainly gave me something to write for and I am looking forward to the next one.

Please congratulate all involved, special mention to Miss Clark/ Miss Mills for scoring and Jack Watson for taking his time out to help with the time keeping and the outstanding match report.