Sirius Academy North Year 7 Girls Rugby

[04 Dec 2015]

Sirius Academy North took on Sirius Academy West in their first ever game of rugby league, with both teams coming out of the game with a lot of credit, especially for their defensive display.

Sirius Academy North 0 Sirius Academy West 4

The game started very evenly matches, with both sides looking good in defence. Considering the muddy and wet conditions, both teams controlled the ball well with very few errors. In attack, captain India Price was looking strong, carrying the ball forward well, making good yard and leading by example. Charley Drury and Aleksandra Fido were putting in some great tackles in the middle of the park and were also willing runners of the ball in attack. The scoreline remained at nil nil for the first fifteen minutes, Sirius North had a couple of good opportunities to go over early on in the game but could not find a way through. Grace Buckley was distributing the ball well from dummy half, with some great timing of the run and pass. But when the Sirius West side managed an offload in the tackle, the strength and speed of the West player in broken play proved too much, as they went over for the first try of the game. Sirius West looked to have doubled their lead when they broke away down the right, but Chloe McMillan had other ideas as she made a superb last ditch tackle to force a knock on. Sirius North made an error near their own tryline shortly after and West were quicker to react and find space to go over, leaving the scoreline 2- 0 at halftime.

Both teams again looked strong in defence as the second half got underway. Daisy and Dylis King were getting into the game more and causing the West team all sorts of problems with some strong carries. Mwambuyi Mukengi  was taking the ball in at every opportunity and proving hard to get down to the floor. Shannon Alden, Kasey Mae Silvester, Marley Butler and Amya Lambert were also willing runners and making good yards towards the West tryline. But in the later stages of the second half it was two late tries by Sirius West that doubled the scoreline as they utilised their biggest player outwide well and there was no stopping her when she got into her stride.  Massive efforts from the North girls in the last set of six of the game to try and get over the line, particularly from India Price and Charley Drury who had not taken a backwards step for the full 50 minutes,  but it was not to be as the West defence stood strong.

The girls should be very proud of what they have achieved in their first ever game of rugby league!

Please congratulate the squad on their fantastic performance, attitude and behaviour:-

Daisy King
Dylis King
India Price
Amya Lambert
Lauren Sawdon
Maria Hevveva Sa Silva
Mwambuyi Mukengi
Grace Buckley
Chelsea Reay
Marley Butler
Kasey Mae Silvester
Charlie Drury
Aleksandra Fido
Shannon Alden
Chloe McMillan
Paige Clark

Special thanks to Mr Spinks for his assistance with the team throughout the match.