Sirius Academy Year 9 Girls Rugby League Match

[08 Dec 2016]

Sirius Academy West Year 9 Girls travelled across to Sirius Academy North to play in a friendly match to prepare both teams for the upcoming Yorkshire Qualifiers in January. It was always going to be an evenly matched contest as in previous meetings there has always been one try in it.
Sirius Academy North started the game looking stronger and managing two early tries. The first one came from influential forward Holly Spenceley who crashed over from close range showing great power. The second try for North came shortly after when Shania Tomlinson jinxed her way through the defensive line to score a fine individual try.  Sirius West got into their stride and managed to get two tries back of their own. Acting half back Millie Jordan spotted a gap and scooted over before captain Beth Dixon showed real strength to get over the tryline with four or five players trying stop her getting the ball down. Demi-lee Brett was introduced for the North side and made an immediate impact as she outpaced the Sirius defence to score in the corner. West responded well and when Caitlin Faulder made a great run down the middle she played the ball quickly to Beth Dixon who went over for her second, making the scoreline 3 – 3. Charlie Stephenson put North back in the lead again with a powerful run down the right hand side and no-one was able to stop her going over. Captain of North Kelsey Uscroft extended the lead further after some smart play near the West tryline. Sirius West got a try back just before the halftime break as Mille Jordan showed real pace and agility to go over, making the halftime score 5 – 4 in favour to Sirius North.
Sirius West wanted to get on the scoresheet first and they did just that fro the first play of the second half, Mille Jordan once again showing real determination to level the scores. Beth Dixon put West in the lead as she once again proved too strong for the North side on their tryline. With the scoreline 6 – 5 to Sirius West this made the North side respond in a positive way as the try of the game was scored next, on the last tackle good hands down the line to winger Kaysea Miah who put an inside ball in to Holly Spenceley who went through the gap to level the scores at 6 – 6. North grew in confidence and went on to score to score again with a fine individual try from Demi-lee Brett who was just too fast out on the wing for the West side to handle. With one more set of six for the West side before the fulltime whistle they really made it count and when some quick play the balls saw the North defence struggling to get back in line it was Lydia Walker who scooted over with a smart try to make the final score 7 – 7 in a very evenly matched game that was full of skill, strength and teamwork.
Please congratulate both side on an extremely good game of rugby league that should fill both sides with confidence as they look to progress into the Yorkshire stages of the Schools Competition.
Sirius North: Kelsey Uscroft, Terri-Leigh Hilton, Holly Spenceley, Leoni Parry, Leona Adamson, Demi-lee Brett, Shania Tomlinson, Kaysea Miah, Charlie Stephenson, Abbie Ceesay, Jordan Roberts, Jasmine Tidswell
Sirius West: Rachel Fox, Milly Jordan, Tegan Lawler, Levis Lewis, Beth Dixon, Cody Brown, Caitlin Faulder, Lydia Walker, Kalisha Quantac, Lucy Sainty, Caitlin Jasper