Softball Year 8 results for website

[05 Jun 2015]

The following students represented the Academy in the Year 8 softball championships:

Mathew Ryan
Ellis Clayton
Aristedes Cunha
Ryan Scott
Mathew Robinson
Owen Montague
Max Rogers
Dillion Reem
Kieran Beet
James Walgates

For several of the students, it was there first time of representing the Academy in a sports team and they did not let themselves down. The students narrowly lost to Mallet Lambert 11-7, after an inspired come back in the final 5th Innings, where we struck 6 consecutive runs, once we got use the rules.

The students lost their final game against last years finalists, however, the local coaches praised the talent that we had on show and offered to come into the academy, to deliver free coaching sessions. So look out, next year we may be the champions of Hull.

Thank you for your continued support.