Sports Day 2019

[10 Jul 2019]

A BIG Thank you to everyone involved in today’s event, from the kitchen staff, support staff, caretakers and teaching staff, an whole school event would not happen without everyones support. 

Also, not forgetting Dennis (The ice cream man) I bet his poor arm    is aching from the 4 hour non stop of pulling ice creams  . I am guessing he will feel a lot better when he cashes   up in the morning and books a Caribbean cruise!  ☀

Also, a massive congratulations to Science and Technology , for running a combined 20Km today, whilst challenging students to a basketball game or two! 

Well done to Mr Mulligan and Miss Birkenshaw for supporting the students on the house flag designs, the students produced some fantastic artwork, with Voyager picking up the 1st place award, voted by Mrs Ransom!!

Congratulations to Voyager on your 2nd place and also to all staff attached to Pioneer for making it back to back wins!! 2019 CHAMPIONS 

Mr Hayes, is going to piece together some of the drone and go-pro footage together over the next week. I will send out the link to the video on Sharepoint so that you can show the footage to the students.