Sports Relief 2016 Sirius Academy North

[13 Apr 2016]

A final update on the sports relief 2016 charity work!! As you are aware the sports relief event came to an end on the last day of term, with 88 participants (Staff and students) taking part in the one mile run. 

Prior to this event, the PE department had been working hard at lunch time challenging students in various sporting events. Over the week, the department raised £45.50, with students willing to pay 50p to see if they could rub shoulders with the staff. Several of the students were successful in the events and were entered into a prize draw to win a piece of sporting equipment. 

The winners of the draw are:

Rafiq Miah D1
Lynden Chapman M3
Taffarel P3
Mark Fitos T2
Dylan Petterson N5

I will be giving each head of house a football, rugby ball, netball or badminton racket for the students to choose one piece of equipment, which they can keep and use in academy lessons or at break/ lunches.  The prizes will be made available for next week assemblies, so please can heads of house add this into your assembly. I will be unable to attend the assembly due to interventions. 

In addition to this Garry Gibson (M3) will also receive a prize (Piece of equipment) for raising the most money for the 1 mile run. Garry managed to raise over £100 for the charity and even though he managed to get himself into a detention at lunch, he came out near the end of lunch and ran the 4 laps on his own, to make sure he completed the race. 

Thank you for all of the staff that got involved in the events, especially the PE department and Ellen Harrison for running the events. Well done to all of the staff that completed the event, especially the catering staff/ lunch time supervisors, who completed the run in fancy dress. 

The eventual winner of the Staff race was Steve Jennison but I am sure you are all aware of this, after his broadcasting of the results. However, a little birdie told me that Andy Currie did allow Steve to catch back up. In 2nd place Andy, and Dan McNiff in 3rd place. 

The winner of the student race was Rhys Jones. 

The main success of the event was the academy managed to raise a massive …


I believe there are still pots of money coming in, so this may increase, please see pictures attached (More pictures to follow) and congratulate all students involved in the event.

Thank you for your support