Supporter 2 Reporter @ the KC Stadium

[26 Apr 2015]

Reporting on Hull FC’s 150th Anniversary year is another lucky group of Year 7 Students from Thomas Ferens Academy.

Building on the success of the first group of students who attended Run With It , a second group of Year 7’s have started their training to become ‘young reporters’.

So far the students have taken part in a stadium tour, gathering facts to produce their own information film about the KC Stadium and have now started to research for their next project, a video report about the ‘History of Hull FC’. The students are lucky enough to have one of Hull FC’s young players, Jack Downs, helping them with their research and reporting skills.

By the end of the programme students will have gained the vital skills needed to become a reporter, speaking and listening skills, good teamwork, valuable IT skills and, of course, research and interview skills. The young reporters will also have the opportunity to interview a Hull FC Player and report on a live event.