Supporter to Reporter programme review

[29 Apr 2016]

Supporter to Reporter (S2R) is a project based learning programme that develops skills and confidence through sports reporting.

Using sports media as the motivator and context, the programme turns young people into Journalists, Producers and Coaches. The S2R programme teaches vital workplace skills like communication, teamwork, how to meet deadlines, as well as digital media skills. Reports are created using video, audio, text and images and are published.

Students from Sirius Academy North took part in the 10-week programme that saw them have a tour behind the scenes at the KC Stadium, learning about what happens on a match day. They then had to create their own video report about the KC Stadium, Hull City and Hull FC.

Most weeks we were joined by some of the Academy players, who helped the students with their reports and iMovie presentations, they even practiced their interview skills on them!

As part of the programme the students had to report on a live match and they were lucky enough to watch Hull City in their FA Cup replay against Arsenal on 8th March. Although the weather was cold and they witnessed City being knocked out by their FA Cup nemesis, they did see four world class goals from world class players. The students really enjoyed themselves and in the words of one student, Finnan, “this was amazing!” truly sums up their match day experience.

The icing on the cake was when they put their interview skills to the test by interviewing first team player Curtis Davis. Each student selected five questions to ask Curtis and he was a true legend who answered each one with a true and honest answer. When asked who his favourite Disney character was, his reply was easy – it was Olaf of course. He also faced some tough questions from us City fans in the team, such as, ‘What has gone wrong this season?’ and ‘What made you give your famous half time talk in the FA Cup semi final?’ His responses were honest and from the heart. This was a great experience for all involved but especially for City fan Thomas who described it as ‘the best day ever!’