Supporter to Reporter: Week One

[10 Nov 2016]

On Tuesday 1st November, a new cohort of students from Y7 and Y8 travelled to the KCOM Stadium for the first session in this years Young Reporters. They began their session with refreshments to get them energised and then they began their tour. We started in the NE corner of the KCOM and Mel went through some facts about the stadium: how many seats it has; what is the biggest stand and even where the security hang out!
Next, we moved across to the dugouts and the students got a chance to sit in the home dug out and imagine they were the next Mike Phelan…
After this, we walked down the tunnel and had a peak in the pitch side interview rooms and we couldn’t believe how small they were, no wonder the managers and players look squashed in there.
One of the most exciting parts of this session was sitting in the Hull City dressing room where we found out about what a footballer has to eat on match days…a starter of Haribos, a main of Jelly Beans and a dessert of Chinese, KFC and pizza all make up the perfect menu for Hull City players such as Davis, Dawson and McGuire.