Supporter to Reporter: Week Two

[21 Nov 2016]

Tuesday 8th November 2016 saw us take part in the second week of our Young Reporter programme. This saw us continue our tour around the KCOM which kicked off with a visit to the Hull FC changing were Mel discussed what happened with a rugby match and the routines that they would go through. We made the journey to the away dressing rooms and the first thing that hit us was the smell, it smelt of rotten eggs! It was also a lot smaller than the home dressing room and was a dull grey colour which is supposed to put the away team off

Once we had finished our tour we went back to the classroom to take part in a quiz about the KCOM. It was a close match with Jessica Tuck and Tommy Uscroft challenging for the lead, however the eventual winner was…Miss Jessica Tuck! Well done Jessica, your note taking and great memory paid off.