TFA Penalty Shootout

[12 May 2015]

On a warm rainy evening on the sodden astro turf, an army of penalty takers gathered to compete with each other to raise money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

Mr Spink pulled off some world class saves to deny almost half of the shooters in the first round! After a few shots hit the post, went over the bar or simply rolled into the safe hands of Mr Spink, four boys were left in the final.

Andile Fuzwayo, Josh Alcock, Billy Slater and Bartek Jajkiewicz.

Josh, Billy and Bartek missed their penalties! This meant that all Andile needed to do was score to win the match ball!!

HE MISSED! This meant the other 3 finalists were back in!

The drama had yet unfolded, Andile missed again followed by Billy’s effort being saved and Bartek skied it! This left Josh to take the spoils. He stepped up, staring Mr Spink in the eyes, he looked to his left, saw the corner of the goal and smashed it in! GOAAAAL!

Big thanks to the Active Team members, Joshua Cruz, Keelan Ariss, Dominik Gal, Elisee Manzi, Salim Nsamzinfura and a finalist himself, Andile Fuzwayo, who all did such a good job organising the event! We raised £67.00 for the Motor Neurone Disease Association!

Mr Anscombe

Student reviews

Lynden Chapman:
When I heard the Active Team were doing a penalty shootout, I was really excited. I couldn’t wait until the day came. Once I got there, there was a bunch of people from all different years. When we started, the teacher organized everyone so that we all got a fair chance. I scored my first penalty! I couldn’t believe I was through because I saw lots of older boys missing! It only cost £1 and it went to a great cause!

Elisee Manzi (organizer):
I am really really happy and proud to be part of the Active Team because I can do something for the school and enjoy myself at the same time.

Keelan Ariss (organizer):
Being part of the Active Team allows me to organise lots of activities and it is good because we are going to have a positive effect on people’s lives, by raising money for charities and helping change people’s minds about smoking and unhealthy eating.