Trading Places in Humanities!

[03 Jan 2017]

Yesterday in Geography two Yr 8 groups took part in the World Trade Game!

We live in an unfair world which is divided into rich and poor.  The gap between the LEDC’s and the MEDC’s is getting greater and this game highlights how this happens, and how most trade is UNFAIR TRADE.

The game tries to show, through the production of paper products, how the world trade system works and that some countries lose and that some win.

The classes were divided into different countries-

……..and were given varying resources and equipment to produce a range of paper products.
After taking a while to understand what they needed to do (little instruction is given purposely at the start), off the countries went, trading and dealing, with Brazil taking an early lead in production and earnings.

Mss Blanchard acted as the UN and stopped any possible arguments, occasionally giving aid to poor countries.
The game progressed  well and soon Miss Lewis (World Bank Chief Executive) started to cash in country’s products. By the end of the lesson, an astounding total by Japan had been accumulated, and were crowned winners.

Lesson to learn – the world isn’t fair and sometimes the gap between rich or poor stays significant, despite efforts otherwise.