Under 15’s Cricket Tournament

[17 Jan 2020]

The following boys have been honing their cricket skills every Tuesday 15:30 – 17:00 waiting for an opportunity to demonstrate their development, passion and love for the game of cricket! (That paragraph was a delight to type!)

  1. Mckenzie Kinsley 
  2. Elisei Tomache 
  3. Oti Tomache 
  4. Umair Sherwani 
  5. Mohammed Ali 
  6. Jack Deyes 
  7. Lennon jennison 
  8. Hamza Ghorbandi

Well, that day came upon them when they travelled to Nuffield Health yesterday, taking on the cream of the crop within the Hull district!

Many a six, four, wide and the odd dropped catch later they boys emerged bottom of the bunch. Not downhearted, sulking or arguing but genuinely elated as they had been given an opportunity to play a sport they love!

This was also commented on from teaching staff around the event numerous times who said “The boys were simply a pleasure to watch!”

Unfortunately there wasn’t an opportunity to get a team picture but this wonderful delivery from Umair says it all!