W.I.S.E project

[25 Jun 2015]

Over the past couple of months we have been learning about conflict minerals and how they impact the world. We partnered with year 8 pupils fromSirius academy, the experience has been really interesting and made us want to try and make Hull a conflict free city.

The first session we learned about conflict minerals and where they come from, it was a touching experience. Children our age have to work endlessly mining for minerals in poor conditions, Its simply not fair.

The second session we visited the guildhall to present the lord mayor with our referendum. We watched as Mike presented the facts about conflict minerals to the lord mayor and her fellow councillors. I think the lord mayor was as touched as we were and showed interest in helping us take this further.

The final session was all about our success, we were invited to the chambers to watch our referendum passed by all 49 councillors present. Hull is now a conflict free city and all councillors are keen to help make this a national campaign. We want a fair trade for conflict minerals to make conditions for people in the Congo better.