Wargaming Adventures with Mr Green

[27 Feb 2017]

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of taking students from our Wargaming / Modelling Club to participate in the regional qualifiers for the National Games Workshop School Alliance Competition. This was certainly a first for the school and as we entered this “Brave New World” of competitive wargaming we really had no idea what to expect. However, I am pleased to report that our team of Marshall, James and Jacob pulled of an amazing feat of leadership and tactics by beating their opponents Kelvin Hall by a devastating score of 9-0.
All three players remained undefeated for the day winning three games each. Jacob was perhaps the most ruthless of all participants defeating all of his opponents within fifteen minutes by launching several surprise attacks. Marshall and James were equally as effective but employed a more cautious strategy of combining more flexible tactics of defence and counter attacking.
What was particularly pleasing was the comments made by observers (yes, there was quite a crowd, more than you would see at a Hull KR game) as to the conduct, behaviour and sportsmanship of our students. Several other members of the club Joshua, Connor, Shane and Benjamin also came along to support and show off their modelling skills.
The school team has now been invited to participate in the National Semi-finals in Nottingham in April.
A special mention must also go to James who was given an award for the detailed preparation of his army and Marshall who picked up two individual awards for best sportsmanship and best overall player.
Our club is open to students of all ages and abilities and is held in 2K3 every Tuesday afternoon.