Wargaming Success

[26 Apr 2018]

Yesterday Mr. McNiff and I had the pleasure of taking six students from the School’s Wargaming club to compete in the Warhammer National Schools Semi-finals in Nottingham. It was our second year of competing but with with what was still a relatively young team, expectations were that this event would simply be a way of gaining experience and having some fun… but things surprisingly took a turn for the surreal.

In the opening game we faced one of the favourites and previous winners Kings Academy, but with victories from Jacob Barker, James Bunn and Shane Bunn we  pulled off an impressive 3-1 win. We then wiped out Queens Academy 4-0 with wins again from Barker and a triumvirate of Bunns – James, Shane and Ben. The final round of games saw us record another 3-1 victory, this time over Eastbourne Academy.

This left us undefeated for the day with 3 team victories and with the best overall inpidual stats of 10 wins / 2 losses.

The team will now compete in the National Finals on 26th June.

Please congratulate the boys on their performance and behaviour which was impeccable.

Starting Team – Jacob Barker, James Bunn (captain), Shane Bunn, Ben Bunn

Subs – Joshua Stickney, Daniel Lawlee