Y6 G&T Maths and English session 2

[21 Mar 2019]

Tuesday 19th March

Sirius Academy North hosted the second Y6 Maths and English G&T Challenge today.

Week two of the Gifted and Talented event and the Year 6 were fantastic again. They spent the morning doing Maths. They began with a code breaking activity and they then looked at the cost analysis for the KCOM stadium hosting the Rugby world cup. To finish the session they played a game of maths bingo. They were all superbly behaved, had excellent  manners and worked extremely hard.

In the afternoon the pupils had a go at becoming detectives. Following on from their twisted fairytales they created last week, this week saw them creating the crime report. Before they started, a little bit of work was done on their deduction skills, once this was done the evidence collecting could begin! Creating their evidence based on their stories, mapping out the crime scene and then eventually writing their report. There was some excellent work produced and it looks like we may have some future detectives on our hands!

Congratulations to all those in attendance. Their attitude, behaviour and enthusiasm throughout was outstanding!All those that attended are encouraged to visit the Sirius North website and find the transition portal. This will then provide them access to additional resources to improve numeracy and literacy.

Well done!