Year 10 Rugby Result – Yr 10’s travelled over to St Mary’s in the Quarter Finals of the Hull cup

[17 Mar 2016]

On Wednesday, the Yr 10’s travelled over to St Mary’s in the Quarter Finals of the Hull cup. With St Mary’s being in the Premier division, and Sirius North winning the championship, it was a preview of what next year will be offering.

Both teams were going to be tested in the tough conditions, with lots of standing water on the pitch. The backs from both teams found it difficult to control the ball, with many handling errors.

The students made a great start and managed to advance to St Mary’s try line with some great forward work by Conor Davies, Connor Weinman, Henry Hersaine and Muntadher (Making his debut for the team). However, an unforced error, let St Mary’s off and they soon took advantage with a great break down the left wing.

Calvin Gibson, Jamie Logan and Brandon Richards, manaaged to get into the game, with the forwards laying the ground work down the middle of the paddock. At half time the score was 10-6 to St Mary’s, with Sirius North having a try disallowed and Jamie Logan being held up over the line after breaking the defensive line on half way.

In the second half, the game was very tight, with both teams displaying a strong defence. Sirius were still struggling to covert opportunities and line breaks, this allowed St Mary’s to open a 10 point lead with 15 minutes left on the clock.

Both teams managed to cross in the last ten minutes, leaving the score 20-10 to St Mary’s.

Please congratulate the students:
Jamie Logan
Chris Watson
Declan byram
Jamie Webb
Joseph Milner
Tony Cook
Calvin Gibson
Brandon Richards
Conor Davis
Garry Gibson
Henry Hersaine
Owen Stanley
Connor Weinman
Sam Hickson
Lewis Brown

Stand out Performances
Connor W
Conor D
Jamie Logan