Year 11 Football Succeess – January 2016

[11 Feb 2016]

The year 11’s represented the academy in the Hull 5-a-side championship in January. They had a lot of pressure and expectation riding on their performance as the Yr 9’s and Yr 10 team, came out victorious in the competition.
The students that represented the academy were:
Jordan Clark
Kier Allwood
Liam Juncar
Kaso Kareem
Diayre Nader
Thomas Earles
Amen Ockolocha (Team Mascot and chief water boy)
With several schools pulling out of the completion at the last minute, it meant that the league consisted of 6 schools.
The students ran out on to pitch number 2 with big boots to fill. They started off well in the game against Mallet Lambert and the scores were soon level at 2-2. However, Diyare, was still getting use to the slippery conditions and two soft goals were conceded making the final score 4-2 to Mallet.
The boys soon clicked and produced some outstanding attacking football and this lead to 3 straight wins against the following teams:
SAN 3-2 Winifred Holtby
SAN 6-2 Sirius West
SAN 9-0 Kingswood
This meant the students had climbed to second place and secured a spot in the final against Malet Lambert.
The final was very a close game, with both schools attracting the applauds from the on watching schools. With the game locked at 1-1 with only a minute left. Mallet attempted a long range shot, which was going well wide, until it took a deflection of Kaso, sending the ball in the opposite direction and leaving Diyare scrambling to stop the ball. Diyares attempt was to no prevail, as the ball agonisingly rolled over the line.  Leaving very little time for a equaliser. kier and Liam came close but two outstanding saves from the Mallet goal keeper, resulted in a runners up medal.