Year 11 Intervention report

[06 Jun 2015]

A group of 11 students, (all girls, braver than the lads I think) had requested to take part in the abseiling event at the Year 11 residential recreational centre Hollow Ford located in the Peak District.

Mrs Baron accompanied the girls as first aid cover along with Chloe Roberts as a spectator and first aid bag carrier.  We drove through some fantastic areas of the national park and around half an hour later we parked up walked a short distance, although some weren’t keen on walking !!!   The girls were very excited and enthusiastic when we reached the venue, a bridge over a stream, well hardly a stream more like a raging river, ok bit of an exaggeration, and a drop below of well, I’m not sure but gosh it was very high up and a looooong way down.

The group were given a safety talk and all harnessed up.  At this point I Mrs Baron was also feeling brave and chose to POSSIBLY take part and so was harnessed up too.

There were lots of questions, What if I fall, what if I land in the stream, can I die and so on.  The guides were very cool and calm and answered all question no matter how ridiculous with a smile, thats if they could get a word in over Leonie Millington, don’t think she will ever be forgotten by the staff.

Around four students volunteered straight away with Chantelle Shay taking the plunge first without hesitation.  Lara Juncar was a star she was very afraid and took some coaxing but she did it, what a great achievement.

At this point Mrs Baron thought if Lara can overcome her fear then I am sure I can.  So it was my turn, arrrgh all my senses, every bone, and nerve in my body was screaming out,  you fool what you are you doing hanging off a very high bridge on a piece of rope with a raging river below.  The guide was amazing and encouraged and talked me through the procedure.  As I took a tentative step there was no going back now and do you know what, it was unreal how safe I felt sat, ok dangling in this harness.  I slowly let myself down towards the stream where Tia petherbridge was waiting to guide me in onto the river bank or so I thought.  I stopped myself and said Tia pull me in, she stood there and stood there, then laughed. At this point I let myself go a little further down, not realising that I was very close to the water, in fact that close I ended up sat in the stream, thanks Tia !!!

Above I could see everyone laughing this set a president and Leonie ended up to her knees in the water after her abseil and Emmanuella ended up laying out like a star fish, hilarious.  Iris and Mabinta were very nervous but did a great job and took in in their stride.

Jessica Richardson didn’t seem to flinch and just got on with it.  Cody Mae and Tiegan, didn’t seem to even break into a sweat just seemed to go over the edge without a care although I’m sure if you speak to them they will say otherwise.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their time abseiling and we all conquered a fear and felt a great sense of achievement afterwards.