Year 7/8 Girls Rugby

[07 Jun 2024]

Match Report: Year 7/8 Girls Rugby at Craven Park

Following three weeks of intensive training under the guidance of coach Sonny from Hull KR and Miss Gay, our Year 7/8 Girls rugby team showcased their newfound skills and determination at the Hull KR ‘Inspired by 9s’ Tournament, hosted at the Craven Park stadium. This invaluable preparation set the stage for their exceptional performances throughout the tournament, during which the team rose to the occasion and displayed outstanding skill and teamwork across all four matches.

Match Results: 

Sirius North 16:12 Hornsea: In a thrilling opener, the team edged out Hornsea with a narrow yet decisive victory. Their dynamic attack and solid defence were key to their success.


Sirius North 4:20 Sirius West: Despite a challenging match against Sirius West, the girls fought valiantly and demonstrated great sportsmanship throughout.


Sirius North 4:14 Kingswood: The team faced a tough opponent Kingswood but showcased resilience and teamwork, keeping the scoreline competitive.


Sirius North 8:4 Winifred Holtby: Ending the tournament on a high note, the girls secured a well-earned victory against Winifred Holtby with determined play and strategic execution.


The girls were a credit to the academy throughout the tournament, demonstrating commendable teamwork, dedication, and sportsmanship. Their efforts secured them a respectable third place finish.

Hannah B (Y8) was awarded POM for her outstanding athletic ability, showcasing some huge runs, and making significant contributions to the team’s success. Kirsten M (Y7) received POM for her fearless attitude and determination on the field.

If you see any of the girls around the academy, please congratulate them on their success:

Hannah B

Grace C

Grace M

Gracie C

Connie P

Ivy W

Georgina S

Yumna F

Mia S

Layla L

Evie B

Deborah E

Kirsten M

Thank you to Coach Sonny from Hull KR and to Miss Gay for your time with the students.