Year 7 Boys Rugby

[03 Oct 2023]

The Year 7 Boys played in their second Yorkshire Qualifying match last night against a strong Winifred Holtby side. The game started well for Sirius, from a great kick off from Nolan, the Winifred player knocked on the ball 10 meters out from their try line. Sirius kept their cool and sent up Kasper to drive the ball in, this dragged in the Winifred defence, a smart scoot from Blane got Sirius within inches of the try line and after a quick play the ball, smart thinking from Finley saw him dive over from close range, Nolan kicked the conversion to make it an early 6 – 0 lead for Sirius. The next set of six was completed well but the kick ended up in the hands of the Winifred fullback, who picked up pace and rounded the Sirius defence to level the scores. From then on in it was all about Winifred Holtby, who had some good ball players, athletic backs and strong forwards, which proved too much for the Sirius defence as they went over for numerous tries. Some good last ditch tackles from Haydon and Jack prevented Winifred from scoring more tries, but it was a lesson learnt for the Sirius side, who know they need to be better in attack and defence if they are going to get anything out of their next game, which is against Kingswood Academy on Friday 13th October, 3:45pm KO at home.

The boys were extremely disappointed with their performance (as you can see in the photo), but have ensured me that they will all be back in at training on Friday after school to prepare for their game the week after to work on areas of improvement.

Special thanks to Miss Mills for her continued support with the Year 7 boys.