Year 7 Football report

[12 Apr 2024]
Year 7 Football match report
Match Report: Sirius Academy North vs. St Mary’s
In the eagerly anticipated quarter-final clash, Sirius Academy North hosted St Mary’s in a thrilling encounter that showcased the talent and determination of both teams.
From the outset, it was evident that both sides were prepared for battle, displaying strong performances and a commitment to playing tidy football. However, it was St Mary’s who struck first, capitalizing on their fourth corner to break the deadlock. Sirius Academy North struggled to defend their near post, conceding the opening goal.
Despite creating several scoring opportunities, Sirius Academy North couldn’t find the back of the net, often falling victim to an extra touch that allowed St Mary’s defenders to recover. St Mary’s capitalized on their momentum, adding two more goals before half-time, leaving the scoreline at 3-0.
The halftime break saw a flurry of changes from Sirius Academy North, as the coaching staff aimed to give all selected players a chance to shine. However, these alterations disrupted the team’s rhythm, allowing St Mary’s to exploit some sloppy defending and extend their lead.
Nevertheless, the Sirius Academy North boys showcased immense character and desire in the final 10 minutes, mounting a spirited comeback with some superb attacking football. Man of the Match awards were deservedly handed to Jack M for his outstanding defensive display in the first half, and Lincoln for his remarkable attacking threat, which included scoring a brace and hitting the woodwork on two occasions. Special mention also goes to both goalkeepers, Jack B and Jacob M, for their exceptional saves throughout the match.
A heartfelt thank you was extended to Mr. Hayes for his unwavering support during the fixture, highlighting the importance of teamwork both on and off the field. Also, a big thank you to Mr Ravenscroft for securing funding for a new football kit for KS3. He was kicking every ball on the side line, in his shiny Ralf’s and three piece.
Team list
Jayden A
Alistair M
Lincoln B
Jack B
Kayden W
Archie D
Alvin B
Charlie M
Jacob F
Jack T
Jude O
Jack M
Robert S
Nolan L
Yunis H
Samuel M
Jacob M