Year 7 football

[23 Mar 2018]

Myself and Mr Rodley lead the year 7 boys out to battle once again last night against Kelvin Hall School.

An impeccable first half goal keeping performance from Thomas Dawes ensured that SAN did not concede. Whilst Callum Hepworth capitalised on a loose ball and slotted it home to give SAN a 1-0 advantage at the half.

The home team applied pressure early in the second and found the back of the net to even the tie. This pattern continued until the final whistle was blown with Kelvin coming out on top 4-1.

Please congratulate the following on their resilient performance;

Thomas Dawes
Ben Peterson
Cameron Jackson
Paul Negwenya
Reece Anderson
Elliot Davies
Jack Bardy
Nataniel Penkella
Sam Clark
Jake Biscombe
Brandon Collins
Callum Hepworth