Year 7 Golf Event

[24 Jun 2024]

Year 7 golfers from Sirius North Academy put on a dazzling display at the prestigious Hull Schools Golf Event held this Friday at the stunning Hessle Golf Club. The young athletes battled it out against teams from across the city, showcasing their putting and chipping prowess.

The event featured eight stations designed to test the students’ skills and introduce them to the world of golf. North started strong, their excitement translating into impressive putts and accurate chips. As they racked up points across the eight rounds, their electrifying energy was contagious.

North’s dedication paid off, culminating in a golden victory with a total score of 655 points! The impressive performance was further bolstered by praise from the Hessle Golf Club staff, members, and teachers, who commended the Sirius North students on their exemplary conduct and sportsmanship throughout the day.

Please congratulate the following students on their wonderful achievement;

Jacob M

Jakub P

Mason T

Kirsten M

Deborah E

Milly S

Remi F

Nolan L

Robert S

Blaine B

A special mention to Miss Clarke who supported on the trip and without her it wouldn’t have been possible!


Mr Hayes