Year 7 ICE competition

[08 Mar 2017]

On Friday 3rd March, ten ‘Gifted and Talented’ Y7 pupils were invited to take part in the Institute of Civil Engineers Competition, held at Sirius Academy West. Students began by working in teams to design renewable energy sources to power ‘Moja Island’. They then worked together to produce wind turbines and the final task was to make a turbine that would generate the most electricity! After a challenging start our girls-only team for Sirius Academy North came first  with a fantastic design and some impressive results.
First place winners were: Madison Clayton, Promise Tagmani, Ruby Gale and Lacie Gibson. Well done to all the other students who took part, they all worked incredible hard and were a credit to Academy: Samir Ahmed, Spencer Kirby, Nokia Bytautas, Oliver Lawson, Thomas Sheilds and Alfie Smith.