Year 7 Netball

[10 May 2024]

🏆Year 7 Netball 🏆
The Hull Active Schools Netball Competition for Year 7 teams spanned across three action-packed weeks, drawing enthusiastic participation from schools across Hull.
Without a squad boasting a quartet of Lily’s, the dynamics on the court added an intriguing element to our games. Throughout the competition, the Year 7 squad showcased their growing expertise in netball fundamentals, demonstrating their skills in passing, shooting and defensive tactics.
As the competition progressed into its second week, North honed their strategies, fine-tuning their offensive and defensive play. The matches became even more competitive, with players demonstrating exceptional teamwork and resilience.
By the third week, each match saw all our students displaying remarkable adaptability, capitalising on opportunities, and overcoming challenges with determination.
The Hull Active Schools Netball Competition provided a platform for our young squad to shine!
Special mention goes to Lily D and Kirstin M, who were awarded players of the match.
Helen N
Yumna F
Lily D
Lydia D
Lily J
Lilly H
Lily D
Danielle P
Kirstin M