Year 7 Semi-final HSA Cup Vs St Mary’s.

[05 May 2023]

Sirius North and St Mary’s clashed in the highly anticipated semi-final of the cup, with North hosting the event at their home ground. The match opened with a slow start for North, who appeared to be struggling to find their footing. St Mary’s did not waste any time taking advantage of the situation and scored five unanswered goals in the first twenty minutes of the game. North appeared to be deflated, but they refused to give up. In the second half, Sirius came back with a vengeance, with Toby scoring two goals and Mason causing chaos down the left side of the pitch. Jack played a vital role in reassuring the defence and getting North back into the game. Josh also made a significant impact by using his athleticism to switch from goal to midfield. Despite their efforts, North could not make up for the early deficit, and the final score ended with St Mary’s winning 7-3.

Please congratulate the following students, it was a tough learning curve coming up against a talented opposition. However, in the second half SAN outplayed St Marys but the uphill task was just too great, due to the poor start.

  1. Josh
  2. Mason
  3. Michael
  4. Jenson
  5. Jack – MOM
  6. Mason x1 goal
  7. Ben
  8. Riley
  9. Toby x2 goals
  10. Alfie
  11. Leland
  12. Raul