Year 9 football

[29 Sep 2016]

This had all of the makings of a close game based on previous years performances against Winifred Holtby.
The team saw several changes with some new players joining the squad and making their debut.
Concentration was lacking as the game commenced and within 5 mins the opposition were ahead. The players gathered themselves together and Captain Dylan Peterson asserted himself and motivated the players immediately. Constant pressure by us led to goals after 11 mins and 13 mins. BUT within 5 further minutes Winifred struck back twice and went in front.
The second half was unbelievably tight but the players kept focus and discipline and started to grind down the opposition. LIam Strother continued to find the net with some great classy finishing and we forged ahead. With 5 minutes to go nerves were on edge as Winifred started to get back into the game.The team pulled together and with some great saves by both Luke Hopper and Kamil the match was in the bag. EVen a final goal right on time sealed a great victory.
FInal score 6-3 to Sirius North

Please Congratulate players…
Luke Hopper
Kamil K
Callum White
MO Bojang
Ahmed Bela
DYlan Peterson captain
Ollie Templeman
David Spiking
JOsh  Cruz
Liam Strother
Tom Dobbs
Jacob Pacey
Anthony  (Elvis)
Ryan Shay