Yr 10 Rugby league WIN :)

[22 Oct 2015]

The year ten boys and Aristedes (Yr 9) pulled on their jerseys today for a top of the table clash against Mallet Lambert, in the Year 10 championship game. With more than just bragging rights on the line, the winner would finish at the top of the table and progress to the Yorkshire cup.

It was a very intense 10 minutes, with both teams showing great defence, putting some big hits on one another. Mallet broke the deadlock with a cross field kick, the right winger out jumping our defence to field the ball. 4 points soon became 8, when Mallet broke our defence on the 5th tackle.

We soon hit back with a converted try and made it 8-6. The team could have scored 3 unanswered scores, but due to poor decision making and silly errors, Mallet managed to keep us out.

Mallet, extended their lead with a third try but did not manage to kick the conversion. With 5 minutes left of the first half, Owen Stanley showed amazing footwork to break the Mallet defence and race 40 metres to put the ball down under the posts.

The halftime sounded.

Both teams came out firing and Mallet, soon found themselves extending the narrow two point lead, with a contentious decision by the referee. The boy’s did not lose their heads and pulled together to score an unanswered 14 points in the final 20 minutes of the second half, leaving the score at 26-18, when the full time whistle blew.

Please congratulate the players this is a massive win for the Academy

Stand out performances

Jamie Logan- Great cover defence
Owen Stanley- Illusive attack
Conor W and Calvin- Great leadership
Henry and Garry- Solid defence

Tony Cook
Chris Watson
Jake Wass
Harrison Willerby

FB Jamie Logan
LW Aristedes Cunha
LC Jamie Webb
RC Declan Byram
RW Bailey Fuller
SH Sam Hickson
SO Calvin Gibson
LSR Owen Stanley
RSR Henry Hersaine
LP Lewis Brown
H Gary Gibson
RP Conor Davies
LF Conor Weinman
Joseph Milner
Tony Cook
Chris Watson
Jake Wass
Harrison Willerby