Zoolab – Rainforest Experience!

[07 May 2017]

On Thursday 4th May, Sirius Academy North became a rainforest…! Well it didn’t really (!), but lots of rainforest animals came to see us when Caz from the Zoolab Rainforest Roadshow visited our Year 8.

During the Rainforest Roadshow Caz talked in depth about the layers of the rainforest, the location, as well as the animals that live in each layer.  This was all linked to a topic pupils recently studied on Ecosystems. Students were even given the chance to hold millipedes, snakes, bearded dragons, tree frogs and observe tarantulas and scorpions. Eeek!

Pupils and staff learned a lot from Caz at Zoolab and saw an excellent array of organisms from the rainforest habitat.  Miss Blanchard also got over her life-long snake phobia!